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Monday, June 8, 2015

How to make the best Mars Bar Slice

Mars Bar slice, just the thought makes most peoples mouth's water and delight at the thought of it's awesome yummyness hitting their lips.  Yet despite the minimal amount of ingredients that go into it, it's suprising how often I hear of people getting it wrong.

So here are a few pointers to help make your next mars bar slice the best ever!

The basic recipe I use and double it to the amount I need (normally 3 times):

  • 30g butter 
  • 60g mars bar
  • 1 cup rice bubbles.

Additional ingredients:

  • 200g Cadbury milk chococolate
  • 1 tbls vegetable oil


  • Slice tray, I generally make a big one and use a 22x32cm rectangular pan but a regular 18x27cm rectangular pan is good too for a 3x recipe.
  • Grease proof paper
  • Measuring scales
  • Non stick medium saucepan
  • Bowl to mix ingredients in (at least 3 litres)

Here are a few pointers:

Butter:  Buy a butter block, NOT margarine or spreadable butter.

Mars Bars:  Don't try and go cheap and buy no name caramel bars... NO it must be Mars bars!  I don't buy Mars bars any more though as they use to be 60g but are now 52g which throws the whole ratio off.  I buy Mars bar share packs (12 mini mars bars in a pack)  not only can you then use what you want but it adds more chocolate to the mix too.  For a regular 216g share pack thats enough for 3 times the basic recipe.

Rice bubbles:  Once again don't scrimp on the quality, Kellogs rice bubbles are the only way to go.

For a regular mars bar slice fix use three times the regular recipe:

  • 90g butter 
  • 180g Mars bars (share pack plus a few left over to eat or just chuck them in too)
  • 3 cups Kellogs rice bubbles
  • 200g Cadbury chocolate 
  • 1 tbls vegetable oil


Grease your slice container with a little butter (just to hold the paper in place) and line your slice tray with grease proof paper.

In your bowl add your rice bubbles.

Cut up your mars bar share bars into half and add to the saucepan with the butter.  Over low heat stir until fully combined,  This will be around 5 minutes, continue to stir and make sure its low heat so you don't burn the chocolate.

Add the chocolate caramel mixture to the rice bubbles and mix well until all the rice bubbles are chocolate coloured.  
I always add a little rice bubbles back into the saucepan and mix around to ensure I get all the chocolate caramel out.


Pour into your prepared slice tray and using a metal spoon press down into the tray.  Don't use so much force that it crushes the ricebubbles but ensure it is pressed in firmly and into the corners.

Place the tray in the fridge to set while you make the chocolate topping

Add the milk chocolate and vegetable oil into a glass bowl and microwave on low heat for a minute.  Stir and put back into the microwave on low for 20 second intervals till its melted through, stirring inbetween each interval.  Stir till smooth and pour over the top of the slice.  

Tap the slice tray on the bench a few times to remove any air bubbles from the chocolate
Refridgerate for around 1 hour till set.

Remove from fridge for at least 10 minutes till you cut it up so its easier to cut through.
Store your cut up slice in a air tight container for around a week.

I am happy to store my slice in the fridge for a hard slice or on the bench for something softer. Although if stored on the bench it won't keep as long especially in the hot weather and may also get white spots on the chocolate.

Enjoy :)